ADVENTURE PUBLISHING Pty Ltd is an independent and privately held Australian-based magazine publishing company, operating and publishing two of Australia’s popular magazines – Outer Edge and Destinations for the discerning traveller.

DESTINATIONS for the discerning traveller is published quarterly and features cutting edge stories supplied by a fantastic team of editorial contributors across a broad range of travel related topics. From features about Australian travel, through to international specialty features, we provide our readers a luxurious escape. Target market is 35-65 year olds and the magazine is sold online, as an App and in newsagents around the world.

OUTER EDGE is an Australian-owned, adventure and adrenaline based lifestyle and travel publication! We aim to inspire readers to be different and step outside the constraints of society. To challenge themselves in a realm they never imagined possible. To take a leap out of their comfort zone and appreciate the extremes of the world. Target market is sports focussed and the magazine is sold as both digital and hard copy around the world.


Adventure Publishing Pty Ltd

ABN   17 166 227 621

Ph  07 3193 3400 Ext 003 | 07 3193 3401 Ext 023

0418 984 019


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